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Meet the Home Team

Vicki Benson and the RE/MAX HOME TEAM like to call themselves a “small but mighty” army. Vicki Benson’s team comprises three licensed real estate pros with varying years of experience but a shared dedication to working full time, all the time for their customers and clients. Vicki believes strongly in the full time licensed real estate agent, and you will not find any part-time or hobby agents at the HOME TEAM. Combined they share 48 years of experience led by Vicki’s 30 years. Beyond this trifecta, the HOME TEAM employs a great support staff to help with all of the necessary tasks to bring the customer service they demand for their clients.

Vicki Benson, Broker/Owner

Vicki’s roots are deep in northeast Missouri.  Raised in “Kirksville Suburbia,” Vicki grew up on a farm just outside LaPlata.  She and her husband now own and maintain that same farm which she still calls “home.” Graduating from LaPlata High School (Home of the LaPlata Bulldogs!) in 1983, Vicki moved to Kirksville to attend Northeast Missouri State University (now Truman State University) before going to work in the Kirksville business community and while making Kirksville her new home.

In May 2011, and after 23 years of building her real estate career, Vicki opened her new office under the RE/MAX Brand. She now operates as Broker/Owner of the RE/MAX HOME TEAM and continues the same practices as decades ago with a 24/7 customer service attitude. This is one member of management who’s also on the roster — a real team player in every sense of the word.

Vicki brings nearly 30 years of real estate experience to the HOME TEAM and has closed hundreds upon hundreds of homes and farms while putting together numerous commercial projects throughout the city. That experience and a phenomenal work ethic have made her one of the area’s most successful agents. Vicki is tenacious, going above and beyond for her clients, for her community and for her family. Vicki understands the dynamics of northeast Missouri and the value of good old-fashioned honest, hard work. She also understands that her job isn’t just to find buyers for her sellers and homes for her buyers. Her job is helping her clients build lives.

Vicki believes in commitment to her community.  She is  a member of Kirksville Chamber of Commerce and has served as an ambassador over the years. Vicki is a past board member of K-REDI, Inc., a local organization promoting economic development and industry in the community. From little league teams to all of our area’s youth, she is dedicated to tomorrow’s citizens as well as our area’s elderly that Vicki makes a priority.

Vicki is a member of Mary Immaculate Catholic Church in Kirksville. She co-founded Mary Immaculate Catholic Education Foundation, Inc., and serves on its Board of Directors. Vicki has served on Mary Immaculate’s Parish Council and is especially committed to her church and school.

Vested in her community, Vicki and her husband Jay, a Kirksville attorney, own and operate a properties rental business (d/b/a Vicki Benson Properties) specializing in rental housing for local college students, medical students and area families.

Vicki and Jay are the proud parent’s of a son who’s a recent graduate of Mizzou and now in his first year at UMKC Law School and a daughter who’s a junior at Mizzou, who they avidly support along with the Kirksville Tigers.

Meet the Rest of the Home Team Line-up

Megan Roof, Realtor- Associate

When Megan was still working on a marketing degree at Truman State University, she went to work for Vicki as an assistant. There, she was exposed to Vicki’s energy and commitment to her clients, and she found her professional calling. She obtained her real estate license in 2006, graduated from Truman in 2007 and remained on Vicki’s team when she opened the RE/MAX HOME TEAM. Megan works countless hours every week for The HOME TEAM, their clients and their tenants and is very well respected among them all. Megan is also a lifelong resident of northeast Missouri, born and raised in Putnam County where she still resides with her husband and raises their two children. Megan is very commited to her hometown community as well where she serves her United Methodist Church and it’s youth groups, PEO and Putnam County Schools.

Kristy Panos, Realtor- Associate

Born and raised in New York City, Kristy came to Kirksville when her husband started working for the Kirksville Police Department. She joined the HOME TEAM as the agency’s secretary but it didn’t take long for her to be energized by Vicki and Megan leading her to earn her real estate license. She is a dedicated team player. Her primary job is still holding down the office as the administrative assistant, but she has become a master with closings and other transaction details, and makes herself available everyday to show and list properties. Kristy is the helpful voice on the front lines who is always ready to help anyone who needs it!

Lara Benson, Assistant

Also assisting the HOME TEAM is Lara Benson. Lara adds additional “girl power” to help to make sure all details are taken care of for the team and their clients. Her presence ensures that the quality of service that you get from the Home Team is always ABOVE THE CROWD!

The HOME TEAM employees a very important support staff to cover maintenance, cleaning, rehabing, lawncare and more for all of the day to day needs for a successful result for our customers, clients and tenants alike.